Chuck Sugar: Poor Self-Image Perpetuates Negativity

Chuck SugarSuccessful relationships begin with a positive self-image, says Chuck Sugar.

There is absolutely no doubt that self-image weighs greatly on people’s lives and relationships, according to Brentwood, Tennessee-based counselor Chuck Sugar. In fact, a poor belief about oneself can greatly distort our reality about the world around us.

In relationships

In order to thrive, Chuck Sugar says that relationships must have a continuous stream of open and effective communication. To be effective, this communication must be heard and deciphered without distortion. Unfortunately, people who value themselves very little tend to take in and process information differently than those with a more positive self-image. This makes it very difficult for a relationship to develop in a healthy way. Low self-esteem perpetuates the cycle of negativity that impacts not only the one with the poor self-image but all of those around him or her.

Chuck Sugar explains that a woman with a poor self-esteem may react unfairly to something as simple as her husband suggesting they stay in for the evening. She may accuse her significant other of not wanting to be seen in public with her. Although his intentions may have been to simply enjoy a quiet and romantic evening together, she now feels unattractive and possibly angry at herself for not being – in her mind – good enough. Likewise, a man suffering from the same negatively biased views may take great offense at something as simple as his wife suggesting they hire a professional for a simple home improvement project. He may feel that she is calling his masculinity into question and pointing out his inadequacies.

Either of these scenarios can create a rift in their relationship.

In life

Our self-value can affect how we approach many everyday situations, explains Chuck Sugar. Many people who suffer from self-esteem issues don’t progress personally or professionally, not because they are incapable but because they are unable to see the value that they bring to the situation.  Our negative irrational core beliefs about ourselves create a filter through which we see and hear things in conversations, in our heads, and in life in general.

Self-image counseling can help us develop a healthy and correct belief about ourselves.  This is critical to establishing a successful life.